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    This is great news! Now I can finally recommend OpenBSD to my friends that need to run Apache / PHP / NGINX / Samba :)

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      This is really great. The post mentions i386 and amd64. Does anyone know the plans for other platforms (such as arm64)?

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        https://marc.info/?l=openbsd-tech&m=156676023010451 looks like I was completely wrong they are now supported…

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          It could happen but it would depend on people stepping forward and doing the porting work. Helping test ports on arm64 would obviously help the porters.

          In addition the arm64 is not as mature as the i386/amd64 with lots of different hardware that all has it’s own quirks.

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          Ah, nice.

          I think this means that one will not need to wait for next iteration of OpenBSD release, and instead receive binary package upgrades in-between releases.

          Perhaps this was obstacle for some of the adaption (as recompiling some of these packages from source, for newbies, is really time consuming, especially on laptops, took days-and-days for me for some of the desktops stuff).

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            There are packages for -current though, if you want to follow -current in between releases. I always run -stable on my servers but often run -current on my laptop.

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              How risky is it to run -current if I am just an end user? Does it often break?

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                I have never had any problems with it. I’m sure it does break sometimes but nothing that has affected me so far.