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    This point really stands out to me:

    Let me be clear that I am not arguing against the usefulness of category-theoretic thinking in programming. In fact, I support programming that is informed by abstraction, as it often leads to new insights and helps gets things done correctly. […] I am objecting to:

    1. The fact the the Haskell wiki claims there is such a thing as “the category Hask” and it pretends that everything is ok.
    2. The fact that some people find it acceptable to defend broken mathematics on the grounds that it is useful. Non-broken mathematics is also useful, as well as correct. Good engineers do not rationalize broken math by saying “life is tough”.

    And this, from the comments:

    This points much more towards a very poorly evolved pseudo-mathematical culture surrounding modern day programming language usage and design. I am assured that the biggest advocates of “haskell being a well-designed language because well … category theory and stuff” are entirely disjoint from the set of people who actually have spent far too much of their lives studying category theory.