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Feel free to tell what you plan on doing this weekend and even ask for help or feedback.

Please keep in mind it’s more than OK to do nothing at all too!

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      Celebrating a 60th birthday, continuing Dark Souls 2 (I beat 1!), hack on my Somus some more, and reading some papers on garbage collection to fix my fragmented knowledge on it.

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        Happy birthday!!

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          Haha, not mine :) It’s my mother-in-law’s, a wonderful person. (I was trying to be discrete but oh well.)

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      Going knife shopping.

      My chef’s knife is a cheapy from Target and its dull as all hell. I’m going to get it sharpened and then I’m going to look into buying a nice Japanese 6 inch chef knife.

      1. 2

        I bought a fairly cheap but amazing ceramic Chef's Knife and now have stopped using anything else. I am no knife expert but I don’t understand why ceramic knifes aren’t more popular. It seems like better technology.

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        There’s just something about cooking with a really good knife! I’m not sure whether owning a set of decent knives has significantly improved my cooking but it has improved my enjoyment in the kitchen.

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          I agree. It’s also much safe to use a sharp knife, no matter the quality.

          I just LOVE the aesthetic of the Japanese style blades. The wood handle and the thin, textured blade. The few times I’ve tried them out, it was a wonderful vegetable cutting experience.

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      Finishing up my talk and tutorial in preparation for Racketfest next week!

    4. 7

      Hoping to hell my kid sleeps without night terrors for one forking night and making up whatever doesn’t work out with naps.

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      Honing my CV and scouring LinkedIn for jobs in mainland Europe. It’s a soul-sucking experience but, hey, what else can you do? Other than that, I’m planning to work on my guide to Scheme macros, and trying out JavaFX with Clojure.

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        Best of luck with the job hunting!

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      Resting a bit, and spending some time with the kids. We went away for the weekend last week and while it was lots of fun, I didn’t get much sleep.

      Some computer stuff I want to do:

      • going further with my nix experiments, but it’s going really slow tbh. Documentation is sparse and I’m not up to speed yet
      • read up on symfony 5 and code some small mini app
      • deploy previous mini app on aws using ‘devops-style best practices’
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        If you have any questions, feel free to ask them here. I can attempt to translate the nix documentation to usable words.

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      2D C99 game engine, 2900 LOC so far, hopefully completing initial PS2 font rendering this weekend. I’ve been slogging through UTF-8 excitement and still have more to go. I’ve been swamped with work, so I’ve been only slowly making headway on this part of the project for the last couple of weeks.

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      Vastly rethinking my life decisions and wondering if it would be a good idea to move back to the states.

      1. 4

        Will those life decisions include whether or not you keep blogging? I have enjoyed quite a few of your posts on things like V, Nim and Nix

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          Blogging is one of the things that gives me life/hope. I’m going to keep doing that. I’m more just kinda burnt out from work and wondering if I should get a new remote job and move back to the US.

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            If being back in the US means being closer to an effective support network, I’d say go for it. Obviously your situation is more complicated than a single piece of advice can handle, but yeah.

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        Canada, specifically Montreal, sucks for jobs. As a fellow Montrealer, I gotta say I’m sooo happy I do not work here (I’m a remote full-stack dev). They like to suck the soul outta people. If you can, get a remote job while here. Cost of living is comparatively low.

        Edit: On flip side, if you are American, you’ll pay significantly less taxes if you go back. You probably have access to a lot more services in general too. And your dollar is strong. The CAD is so weak.

        1. 2

          I’m American yeah, the hard part is my fiancé, but that’s solvable with marriage.

          1. 2

            Honestly get a remote job then. You’re a smart, friendly person right? :) Hell I’m sure someone from here could hook you up. We are a community after all.

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              I have a couple remote jobs in the pipeline, the hard part is going to be moving back to the states with my fiancé and him getting a job, but in the short term I am very not worried. I built up a bit of a nest egg.

              1. 1

                They require you to move back? But they are remote? X)

                1. 1

                  For visa reasons, yes

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      I am returning to Chiang Mai tomorrow with my friends. We’ve been on a moped trip over the mountains in northern Thailand, clocking up about 1,200km.

      I’m quite pleased to have snapped this photo with my telephone.

      Next week it’s back to working on my startup.

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      I’m taking an avalanche safety class.

      Also recently started reading Algorithms for Discrete Fourier Transform and Convolution, so I’ll keep reading that.

      Also working on my CL library for accessing the Spotify API

      1. 2

        Avalanche safety class? Because of where you live? Or because of where you are going?

    11. 3

      As of this afternoon.

      Assessing a job offer. It would mean moving to a different state. The pay isn’t where I need it to be right now though, but we can work on that aspect. I also would need to go visit the office there and meet the team (I was offered the gig without an on-site)

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      I am going to sit down and give Intuit some money to do my taxes. On the bright side, I should get a little bit of a return back. I also want to polish up a couple pull requests I have open and get those closed out.

      1. 4

        Please consider joining me in boycotting Intuit. I did so after I heard about them lobbying against IRS run filing solutions and tricking users into paying when they tried to use free file.


        My fed and state taxes aren’t ‘simple’ but I found doing them manually takes maybe 20% longer than using one of these tools. I’m also happy that these companies don’t get any more of my income/tax/asset data.

        1. 1

          My brother told me that CreditKarma lets you file for free and you can also itemize deductions. But it looks like Intuit is feeling the heat and is acquiring them! I may have to resort to manually doing them.

        2. 1

          This tbh, though as a student my taxes are fairly simple. I still refuse to use any Intuit product.

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      Maybe taxes, maybe cleaning, but definitely going to be figuring out a cute little deployment pipeline I’ve been rigging up with git hooks and docker.

      I really, really dislike the docker hype, but I have to admit that, in the right circumstances, it lets you do some cute things. Not a beginner’s tool though.

      1. 2

        Docker is a useful tool only when the company you work for is using so many different systems. It’s the easiest way to spin up a system without a VM hands down. Other than that I never use Docker. We’re lucky: we aim for one base Docker image and derive everything from it.

    14. 3
      • Continuing to setup my new-ish Windows desktop matching
      • Going through my circa-2013 Steam library and seeing if there’s anything work (re)playing
      • Hopefully will get some time to work on a smallish redesign for my blog
        • I’ve been trialing some serif fonts for post bodies. Learning more about typefaces – it’s a crazy world!
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      I really really really really need to write up my property based testing for webUIs, and flesh out the POC for property based testing of reflex-frp functionality…. I keep harping on about it, people are interested, need to DoTheThing(TM).

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      Trying my hand at homebrewing beer. I’ve made mead and cider before but beer looks like it’s got some added steps…

      1. 1

        What style are you brewing? I feel like the most important part is keeping everything sanitized but I’m sure you knew that already. Good luck, hope it’s fun.

        1. 1

          Hopefully a Hefeweizen, if I can pull together the necessary materials (the homebrew store is a little farther than I’d like). I have more Star San than I know what to do with!

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      Will be working on an elixir based irc bot, and chilling with my cat

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      Keep working on my small home electronics lab with the addition of a new soldering station (hakko fx-951) and also ordered a bunch of parts for diy fume extractor with HEPA filters and a wooden enclosure for ATX PSU adapter to banana plugs as a benchtop power supply. We also have a few friends coming tomorrow.

    19. 2
      • play a little with gitlabci and pantheon.
      • visit family.
      • research 1 or 2 new chess openings for myself …
    20. 2

      Aside from walking, and trying to spend some time outside, I’m working on a planet clone that I can use to avoid sites like Lobsters, by subscribing to RSS / Atom feeds again. Why not adopt something else? Well, mostly I want something as simple as possible to deploy; statically linked, static output, no state… just pass an OPML input file, and a directory to output stuff to. We’ll see if I lose steam or not before it’s finished.

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      Playing some board games today with friends and working on secrets management for Encore.

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      Trying to understand Deep Learning with PyTorch for images classification and text generation. Not easy at all, lot of mathematics.

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      Yanking both lower control arms off the front of my Nissan and replacing them. If you’re near Bellevue, Nebraska, check out DIY Garage. In short, you rent their hydraulic lift and tools for a flat hourly rate. It’s kinda awesome.

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      Hopefully my TT-GO type board has arrived, with which I intend to start prototyping a new computer. If it hasn’t then I’ll probably see if I can dig out an ILI9341 screen and an ESP32 and have a play with a project a bit like an Odroid-Go I’ve been drawing up.

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      Mostly I plan on relaxing this weekend, and catching up a bit around the house.

      There is an off chance I’ll work more on getting Tabula Scripts working with the front end of the ustack

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      Completing a new GPU passthrough setup with a desktop that’s well over five years old.

      Mostly works with a Radeon 5700, but looking to see how well the Radeon Pro 7100 pans out since this is only for CAD.

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