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    Does this support macOS? cargo install meli fails with errors that look suspiciously like issues with cross-platform compatibility.

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      Basically OSX doesn’t have POSIX timers, and I don’t have an OSX machine to implement kqueue timers instead; contributions are very welcome. Here’s the issue https://git.meli.delivery/meli/meli/issues/46

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        Ι pushed a commit to use async timers (timerfd/kqueue) yesterday, I can’t test if master can compile now but the timer problem should be solved now.

        If you want to test it, git clone and run make

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          It does! I was able to compile master, although I had to sd '@install' '@ginstall' Makefile before I could make install (filed an issue for this here).

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        Ooh this looks cool! Nice screenshots and an online demo, nice! Not sure if I can move over from alpine and mutt but I’ll sure give it a try.

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          I feel like an idiot, but I’ve spent about 15 minutes trying to massage the config file correctly for a completely standard IMAP+SMTP setup and I’ve seen variants on Config file contains errors: data did not match any variant of untagged enum SendMail for key `composing.send_mail` so many times that I’m losing hope I’ll get there.

          edit: got there. Needed password = { type = "raw", value = "xyz" } instead of just password = "xyz". Serde does not have the best error reporting.

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            I’m sorry for the confusion, I should add explicit examples to the doc for this!

            Serde does not have the best error reporting.

            I will see if I can use my own errors with serde. The user shouldn’t have to know about the inner config types, but only the toml syntax.

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              Yeah, implementation leakage is bad :/

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            Does this support gpg (encryption and signing)?

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              I’ve implemented libgpgme support recently but I haven’t tested it much. There’s both signing/encryption support but it’s rough all around as UX.

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                Not completely according to the docs https://meli.delivery/documentation.html#PGP