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    I agree with the post that there is a hard problem at the heart of Webmentions, as much as I like the idea. I do include them on my site via webmentions.io, and do render them statically, but only fetch the data every time my (static) site is rebuilt. There’s also a lot to handle in terms of rendering and tweaking to make it compatible with various services, and my implementation is far from perfect. Given how much it increases build times, I’m thinking of removing webmention support for now :(

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      This bit around compiling and rendering sounds specific to the problems with using static sites. If it’s done completely remotely, to the level that something like Disqus or Commento could handle it, it’d just handle a fraction of what Webmentions are capable of. This, of course, requires time and effort to build. And since there isn’t a huge VC company backing such a notion, we won’t see it anytime soon.

      (originally posted at https://v2.jacky.wtf/post/cc7c38d9-4688-4384-806c-8c1bd3cb0a3c)

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        Yeah, absolutely agree, the issue I’m describing is probably more related to static sites than webmentions themselves. Point well taken,