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      Thanks for the correction. Do you know if there’s a word for me to call it then? (Something better than “make a lisp” in many languages that hopefully draw similarity to the rest of the article.)

      I guess you have to do other lang in MAL followed by MAL in MAL for it to be bootstrapping?

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          self hosting would be implementing MAL-lisp in MAL-lisp (and they have done this I think!)

          Yeah, that’s what I meant by MAL in MAL. They do have it!

          So I think running MAL in MAL on top of MAL in X would match your definition with “compiler” replaced by “interpreter” (and skip the compile step since interpreters don’t have one, or replace it by “parse”). This is not MAL’s intended use, of course.

          “Hosted” sounds like it refers to a property of the final product and I want to refer to the process (the steps for writing MAL in X). I guess I can stick with “make” if there’s nothing better.

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      Some of the arrows in the new CFG are reversed? Not sure why if depends on while.

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        Thanks! I’ve removed the single_if to while arrow, but can’t figure out which one is reversed.