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      Wrote this a few months back after launching my hiphop-focused sister-site, Hipppo, and thought maybe some would find it interesting.

      Right now the site is largely inactive, but it was a fantastic experience doing the whole project without any substantial knowledge of what I was getting myself into. It pushed me to switch majors back to my original discipline of CS, but obviously I’ve still got an incredible amount to learn ahead of me.

      If this doesn’t belong please let me know.

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        Is the site still up? Looks like you didn’t link to it, and a search for hipppo didn’t turn up anything?

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            Thank you for linking it! Probably should’ve done this in my original comment

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      I really enjoyed this perspective of deploying a “real” website. This speaks volumes about the lobsters community and why I’m happy to be a part of it.

      I’ve shared roadmap.sh and learnenough.com with a friend of mine who is in a similar position as you were when you started this project, thank you for sharing!

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      Really nice story! Good luck in the future 😄

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      This is such a wholesome post. Like yes you deployed a website, cool. But from it you have created a community and also altered your life’s path with regards to education.

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      Nice story and refreshing blog post! You attacked quite piece of software and you survived. It reminded me a lot of the steps, I have been through when coding a prototype of a GIS-oriented website from scratch. And the support of pushcx was really nice. I really like this quote from him as a great motivational one :

      I mean… you’re doing it. Whether or not somebody gave you a piece of paper, you obviously can do some. At this point it’s just figuring out what you want to learn about and digging in.