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    I have been hammering over and over again, this is the kind of open source contributions we desperately need. We need artists to make promotional material as well as visual design. We need writers to write about how to use the software from a novice perspective and why someone might want to use the software. We need usability experience designers thinking about the people with disabilities and new users, and how the user might think or feel while using the application.

    Programming is very important, but a lot of the other roles are actually critical to getting and holding a userbase that aren’t just other programmers.

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      I found this via the author’s Masto account, in case anyone wants to follow her:


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        I wish these guys https://www.schleich-s.com/en/US/wild-life.html would come up with a Ubuntu Line.

        I have a family of Mongeese on my desk, but of late it has been pretty hard to find a matching animal.

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          Might also want the linux tag. Very pretty though!

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            I’d seen the Yakkety Yak before, but hadn’t realised it was part of a series. Brilliant stuff!

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              Did you know abut the song?