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    Hmm, I can’t seem to find the link (I think it was on Twitter somewhere), but the only person I’ve seen who attempted to actually correlate them, so far, found no correlation between Trump mentioning a company positively/negatively in a Tweet and short-term stock-price movements in either direction. Unless there’s better evidence of a relationship, running this bot is probably about as good as just trading randomly…

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      The bot was featured in an article on Mashable Google guy builds bot that earns money from Trump tweets which in turn referred to the original post on medium by the bot author This Machine Turns Trump Tweets into Planned Parenthood Donations , long story short:

      But does it actually work? Let’s look at the numbers.

      Check out the benchmark report. It’s essentially a test run that shows you how the algorithm performs on past tweets and market data. You’ll see that it sometimes misses a company or gets a sentiment wrong, but it also gets it right a lot. The trading strategy sometimes leaves you up and sometimes down.

      Overall, the algorithm seems to succeed more often than not: The simulated fund has an annualized return of about 59% since inception. There are limits to the simulation and the underlying data, so take it all with a grain of salt.

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        Well you’d make money about 50% of the time, then, and that’s a better return than most investment strategies. ;)

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          I mean, yes, but index funds are always there for anyone who wants better odds… :)

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          I read an article yesterday that said there was an impact for example Locheed Martin price dropping after Trump tweeted that the fighter jet price was too high, but the impact was relatively short and all the companies recovered.

          The impact of each tweet is expected to lessen in the next few months as investors work out that he is a scatter brained moron that doesn’t actually know what he is talking about and won’t actually implement any of his claims. ie. I wouldn’t bother buying up shared in concrete or wall building companies.

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            Yeah, Lockheed did seem to go down in the short term, but when he tweeted negatively about Nordstrom, it went up. Two examples is only slightly better a ‘data set’ than one, but I’m not convinced there’s a real pattern there that I’d bet money on.

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          I feel like a bot that does the opposite of what Jim Cramer suggests would be more profitable.