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    Strangely enough, Lua was the first language I ever learned and it was in order to create mods within a half-life 2 mod (garrys mod) when I was ~10.

    Years later I encountered it again in the context of Torch, and I really liked some features of it over Python. Unfortunately, the community felt like it kept shrinking while the scientific computing community within Python was exploding. Since that world moves so quickly these days, the best bet for fertile grounds for innovation and library interoperability ended up being Python.

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      I’ve heard this same discussion at least 10 years ago. This difference has existed for 30 years. I guess it’s good to remind everyone of the difference between the languages.

      It’s not something that’s easily solved, as it really amounts to “I hope that someone can do tens or hundreds of millions of dollars worth of work in the Lua ecosystem over a decade”, etc.