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    When I first saw this, I was (and still am) amused that the sysadmins have a neutral expression. The hacker, NSA, police and lawyers are all “angry” and I assume therefore ‘bad’. Following that logic, the Tor relay providers and the user are ‘good’. Sysadmins though? Just hapless peons to the lawyers and police, and indifferent to it all.

    Certainly though, I’m over-analyzing these cartoon’s expressions. There is much more useful data elsewhere!

    Oh, and you should totally run a Tor relay. Or 3.

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      I liked it. It reminded me of many conversations I had in the 90s that went along the lines, “Sure, I could read your mail if I needed to, but I don’t really care what’s in it.”

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        I think they are neutral because, in these scenarios, the sysadmins have no initiative. They are the tool of the police or the lawyer, responding under the obligations of a warrant, court order, or other legal document.