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    I feel like the examples are pretty solidly in the uncanny valley. I can’t help feeling unsettled watching them.

    EDIT: Rewatched the video, I think the main thing that makes it uncanny is that the eyes don’t move while the rest of the face does, it makes you feel stared at in a way a static picture doesn’t.

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      I thought the animations looked odd as well. The smile and teeth just aren’t right, for me. I thought the examples of animated portraits looked great though.

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      Okay this is super creepy, right?

      I mean, all it takes is a selfie, then a video of you saying or facially expressing basically whatever can be created, automatically, without much computational overhead.

      I know photographs have been malleable from the very beginning (and thus unwise to take at face value), but sometimes a difference in magnitude can be a difference in kind.