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These extensions could make your development job a little bit easier.

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    Emoji Keyboard: it’s build in on most OSes, no need for a extension (macOS: ctrl + cmd + space, windows: win + . (or win + ; ))

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      Didn’t know that. Thanks.

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        Wow, cool! Do you know by chance if there’s a builtin shortcut that would let me easily insert an em-dash (—) on Windows? Can I maybe somehow enter it quickly from keyboard through this Win+. dialog?

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          Yes, on Windows there are Alt code shortcuts. It requires a numpad keyboard, with Numlock turned on. If you’re on a Laptop, most should allow you to simulate the Numpad by pressing Fn + (you’ll have to look it up per manufacturer and device model).

          Anyways, specifically for your request: Left Alt + 0151

          That is, hold down left Alt and type in 0151 in the numpad and then left go of left Alt. This works for all sorts of other characters, as well. A simple search will find you plenty more.

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            No numpad on my laptop and no luck for me it seems. I’ll have to stay with thirdparty tools apparently :/