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    I was excited to use Gleam this year on the first couple of Advent of Code problems. Once you get over the installation process, it feels like a surprisingly mature language. It’s very usable. I’d recommend giving it a try!

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      Very confusing site. I spent 10 minutes clicking around, reading, and wondering what Gleam is.

      Apparently you have to click the logo to go to the main page…

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        Sorry you found it confusing. Having the logo be a link to the homepage has been a web design standard for a long time so that was presumed sufficient. What could we do to make the navigation more intuitive for you?

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          Thanks for your reply and no need to apologize.

          You’re right, lobste.rs has it as well so it might be just my old brain, but I would expect a ‘home’ section.

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        Hi Ipil,

        Is there a roadmap somewhere of what your are planning for Gleam and its ecosystem ?

        I read elsewhere that you are going to work full time on Gleam, so I’m curious :)

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          Hello! Yes I’m now working full time on Gleam :)

          The GitHub issue tracker has some information but most the detail is in the discussion on Discord.