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What are you doing this week? Feel free to share!

Keep in mind it’s OK to do nothing at all, too.

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    Helping my colleagues from Ukraine fleeing war and my colleagues from Russia fleeing sanctions settling in, establishing residency and incorporating new LLCs and getting their bank accounts set up so they can get back to a somewhat normal life.

    I have to defer other tasks for later. Much later.

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      any way for others to help you out with this?

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        Nope, I got it all handled for the time being. Bureaucracy can be overwhelming at times, but I have tons of experience with it, so that helps. Thanks for the offer though!

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      I’ve just moved on from lowRISC, a not-for-profit in the open source silicon space I co-founded almost seven and a half years ago. I’ve got the next thing lined up, but have a bit of space in-between. So this week I’m mostly pottering about, updating the various scripts I use for personal time and task tracking, and thinking about spinning up a blog.

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        Trying to listening shortwave transmission from Ukraine.

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          I am taking the week off (though slightly failing because I was volunteered to be PC Chair for ISMM this year, so I have some admin related to that to do) and sitting by the sea with a book as much as possible.

          I’m also finding an excuse to play with two projects that I’ve wanted to poke at for a while:

          • ImTui, which is a back end for Dear ImGui to render the GUI in a terminal.
          • Sol3, which is a nice way of writing Lua bindings in C++.

          I’ve been playing with using the combination of these to produce a simple text UI in Lua that, in theory at least, would make it possible to plug in another Dear ImGui back end and provide real GUIs from the same codebase. I’d like to have something a bit less horrible than the existing dialog + shell scripts + pain and suffering stack that’s used for FreeBSD admin tools.

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            Sending help and money to friends in the Charkiv area. Ignoring distressing videos to the best I can. Despite this, being online constantly, and being news hub and “alexa” for the ones who take the kids out, as some only have feature phones at the moment.

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              Starting a new job! Super excited to learn a lot and work more on systems and software than on networking and hardware. Also, I’ve only worked at one ‘tech’ company before this, so I’m interested in comparing and contrasting culture and practices.

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                Getting back into the swing of work after a bit of time off. Not reading the news. Just trying to take care of the basics. Contemplating finding a new job. Maybe work on Garnet if I get ambitious.

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                  $WORK: Starting a new sprint this week, so going to try to burst through my stories as quickly as reasonably feasible.

                  $JAM: Decompressing project-wise from the Löve game jam, by engaging in a bit of organizational/yak shavey work, by creating a CLI tool for adding scenes/systems to Love2D games that use fennel. Written feedback on Fault Lines (my game jam entry) seems to be pretty positive so far. I think this is the first game jam where someone hasn’t mentioned the “potential” of the game, which means that the game I put together doesn’t have super obvious “it should being doing X, and isn’t” going on, which feels like a milestone for me.

                  $VECTRON: Once I get back to it, needs at least the ability to zoom in/out (for detail work), and to be able to set a scene origin point, so that exports and rotations can be customized and make sense, not having that meant I had to write code to normalize the coordinate data during the game jam. Settings for the canvas size also need to happen.

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                    $WORK: Working more on analytics work and helping the sales team

                    $PERSONAL: Writing a 2d game engine in Rust for wasm4 and a sequel to Mara: Sh0rk of Justice in it. I’m still very much in the engine code at this point. I have gotten most of the core working (box collisions, animated sprites, basic sprites, a primitive music engine, sound effects) and currently with all features compiled in I have a binary of 6-ish kilobytes (wasm4 has a limit of 65536 bytes of program size and additionally 65536 bytes of work ram, with a fair bit of it set to be mmapped I/O).

                    I am considering doing a stream or two for me developing the game, but the hard part is going to be figuring out how to stream my scribbling game design/sprite drawing in my notebook. I’m still deciding what kind of game I want it to be, but I’ll probably settle on a small scale adventure game where you unlock gates to progress through a world.

                    I’m thinking that the story of the game will be inspired by the recent splitting of the stone that imprisoned Tamamo-no-Mae, with Mara traveling through parts of Malto (an oceanside town, a jungle and a snowy mountain with the final fight in the mountain’s volcanic core) to try and free the town leaders that $VILLAIN replaced. Still thinking things out though.

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                      Starting a new job. It’s in an area I’ve not worked in before, so I’m looking forward to having lots to learn. I’m also trying to read more tech books, and this week is Domain-Driven Design.

                      I’ve just had a month off since leaving my last job, and I’ve spent the last week or so working on a DNS server, so I’ll also be taking a little break from that while I settle in at the new place. But hopefully I’ll return to that soon enough - it’s almost at the point where it could replace my pi-hole.

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                        Sometime ago I created a little app to help you solve wordle puzzles. Some friends suggested some improvements so I will spend some time implementing them.

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                          Attempting to stay sane while dealing with the purchase process of a house in a stressful market.

                          Doing a lot of random “mark box with an X so auditors are happy” work. Meh

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                            Job interviews

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                              good luck!

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                              I’m in Spain, driving around, the roadtrip is meant to bring me to European Lisp Symposium later this month in Porto but right now we are just excited to see Andalucia (which incidentally is what I am doing this week :)

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                                Lol I continue my tradition of never ever being able to do the thing if I write it in one of these threads.

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                                  I am now afraid to even post in them since it is reality defying to the point that I was in the hospital when the ELS took place. I’ve NEVER had what I wrote in these threads happen. I wish we had a “what did you do last _?” threads instead.

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                                Finishing up some pull request on openLB. I’ve added free surface simulation to the capabilities of the library though I’m not too happy about some bugs I’m getting from the library core. I still found a bug on my side which improved the time resolution required for the simulation, but the library core bug is still present.

                                So this week I’m fixing weird bugs.

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                                  Starting a new sprint at $WORK. Planning on building a new work desk and will hopefully get the top cut out this week. Learning a little CNC to carve out a drill bit organizer at $HOME. Other than that I hope to possible write a couple programs that I will enjoy.

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                                    i just got my first full-time job out of uni, hoping to hop on an elixir project! i onboard next month, so i’m full-time avoiding coursework and spending most days becoming an ~alchemist~

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                                      i also need to spend some time thinking about relocating. the job is fully remote, but most of my coworkers will be living in nyc. i have no idea where i want to end up (it’s EST based). i’m finding it incredibly stressful, so i might end up moving back home with the rents for a little after graduation to spend more time figuring it out.

                                      i have this delusion where i want to spend ~3 months subletting a place in different cities until i fall in love with wherever i’m at. any tips for scouting out locations for relocation?

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                                        A few, based on my own personal experiences of 15 years spent moving every 2-3 years:

                                        • 3 months seems short. I’d personally say 6 at least. 1 year isn’t too long a time. You’re young, at least I assume so. You’re making a plan for the next few years at most. Plans change, be flexible. You have plenty of time. Enjoy living in these places, don’t feel like there’s an end-goal you have to rush towards.
                                        • Have a few ideas for what sort of cities you want to live in and what priorities you have… but also expect to be surprised and have your priorities changed. Always allow the unexpected to intervene.
                                        • Relatedly, you might have to kill your darlings. I spent years dreaming of living in Seattle, moved there for 6 months and hated it.
                                        • Learn to pack light and be willing to live a bit rugged, especially with regards to furniture. Getting rid of and replacing furniture is generally far easier than moving it, and Craigslist is an infinite source and sink for reasonable-quality Ikea stuff. Moving is already expensive and complicated, simplify it as much as you can.
                                        • Assuming you’re in the US, get out of the US at least for a little while. The change in perspective is breathtaking.

                                        Moving back in with parents and figuring life out for a few months honestly sounds like a pretty reasonable thing to me. There’s no point in stressing yourself out with arbitrary goals you’ve set for yourself.

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                                          thanks for the lovely and thoughtful response! i’m not exactly sure what constitutes ‘young’ but it would be my first time out of the house since living at university. like i said, it is a delusion – upon further reflection, 3 months does seem really short!

                                          i resonate with your feelings about Seattle. it’s actually number one on my shortlist. i visited a couple years back and thought it was beautiful and found the people i interacted with to be extremely kind. would you be willing to expand a little bit more on why you didn’t find it to live up to your expectations? it’s not the first time i’ve heard someone say that!

                                          that 4th bullet point seems wise. i actually felt this earlier last year, as i moved around quite a bit between apartments in the last four years. i had to sell multiple couches and bed frames; in the end, i ended up using some of the extra time i had during the pandemic to build my own super portable bed-frame. it taught me about carpentry, but best of all, it can fit inside my sedan!

                                          presently, i am waiting to onboard and see how i handle the time management. once i feel more comfortable, i’m going to commit to moving out. leaving the united states sounds wonderful, but i’m just not sure how the time zones would work out. my twin sister is waiting to hear back from a fullbright scholarship that would place her in europe. i’ve been secretly considering following her abroad! additionally, she’s waiting for graduate school responses to roll in, which i could also follow her through. i’m super stoked on the new job, regardless of where i end up :)

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                                            would you be willing to expand a little bit more on why you didn’t find it to live up to your expectations? it’s not the first time i’ve heard someone say that!

                                            It may or may not have been largely situational. I’d just graduated from grad school, barely, which left a very sour taste in my mouth. I’d just gotten the news that my dad had (fatal) cancer. I had no terribly good job prospects, and I was leaving behind a bunch of friends I didn’t appreciate enough until they were gone. I low-key hated living in the city where my school was and wanted to get the hell out. So Seattle seemed like a good bet.

                                            If I’d gone to Seattle and landed a cool job with a lot of money and found neat people to hang out with, it might have worked out okay. Instead I ended up mostly-broke with a temp job doing phone tech support, paying 50% more money than I had been for an apartment the size of my old bedroom, and an extra $150/month just for some place to park my car within five miles of it. It was noisy, cramped, annoying, and doing literally anything was difficult, expensive, or both. I had no prospects, was rapidly learning how little grad school had prepared me for an actual job, and was watching the only two friends I knew who lived in Seattle go through the process of no longer being friends with each other.

                                            So I took a shitty job that would at least pay me money and get me out of there, since there were no job opportunities anywhere even remotely where I wanted to be anyway. Entirely accidentally it landed me near my parents when I needed to be, in the city I’ve loved for the last 7 years.

                                            The food was absolutely amazing though, and I loved my neighborhood. I’ve visited it once or twice and it was weird but nice. Maybe I should go back and try again sometime. I miss the mountains.

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                                              I’d like to second that three months is too short. I’ve been moving around most my life and a year is how long it takes to settle in and then enjoy being settled in a bit (although it may take longer if you don’t have uni / work to bootstrap from) if you stay 6 months you will regret leaving too early and if you stay 3 months you will just burn the candle from both ends and get stressed. Just my 2c.

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                                        Taking a proctored cybersecurity cert. I overdid it with these damn things over the last three years (6 certs from Offensive Security). Special shout out to my loving wife who supported me throughout it all! Pass or fail, I’m done for at least a year. It’s not good for my mental health.