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    All this focus on speed really annoys me. I want elegant, concise yet flexible interfaces, which are just fun to work with. Sure there are some cases where speed is the bottleneck, but most of the time people read or write code. Speed of development is whats important. I want this to be the main selling point of great libraries and programming languages.

    I know Julia and its libraries also care about usability and new innovative ideas. For example I really like the ideas of Pluto.jl and just yesterday stumbled upon Latexify.jl, which turns normal function into math expression. I just wished that more conference presentation and blog posts in the Julia community would focus on this stuff more.

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      All this focus on [something they want] really annoys me. I want [something else]

      It’s freely provided volunteer effort. They’re going to work on what they want to have. If you want something else, jump in and help.

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        Was my tone too harsh? If so I‘m sorry.

        I was expecting an answer like „you are right the Julia community is focusing too much on performance“ or „focusing on perform is right, because…“.

        Your comment is completely ad hominem. What do my or your FOSS contributions have to do with this?

        I‘m seriously thinking about giving Julia more than just a spin, but I still have my doubts about it.