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What are you doing this week? Feel free to share!

Keep in mind it’s OK to do nothing at all, too.


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      Changing my username on Lobsters from carlmjohnson to carlana.

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        congrats! I’m also a trans woman and am slowly in the process of coming out in more and more place. It’s scary but feels really good!

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          Yes. It’s scary, but I’ve told a lot of the important people, so it’s getting easier each new time.

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        Congrats! <3

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        hell yeah

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          Men of Lobsters beware, we will make you all trans!

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            That reminds me of an old SMBC on a different topic :)


            Seriously, congratulations :)

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        Lovely to meet you! Congratz!

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        Congrats! Glad to have you here. Your website is amazing, btw.

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          Thanks. When I made it, I used a lot of blue, pink, and white because those are the CGA colors, but uh, I guess they mean something else now.

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      being tired.

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        TBH, some weeks I see this thread and want to post this meme. Hope you can get some rest.

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      nothing, because it’s okay to not hustle.

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      Week 2 at new Lead job. Week one felt like 2 months of work in the best way possible. Legit excited to start my day today. TONS of work to do but I’m also back in Python baby and couldn’t be happier.

      Architecture is a mess but I was literally hired to fix it from the ground up. Been brainstorming on all the possibilities and learning the business so I can decide what might be best for what we need. Intimidating project but looking forward to it.

      Shit that sounded like a LinkedIn post. I need to find some hobby about PLT to fit in here better… 😉

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      Riding trains aimlessly around Scotland. Slowly cleaning up some of my personal infra when I don’t have anything else to do.

      I could probably ride trains aimlessly forever. I wonder whether I really need a job…

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      Slowly wading through the byte code VM of part 2 of “Crafting Interpreters.”

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      Starting at a new company on Tuesday! From what a friend who was recently hired there told me, it’s mostly gonna be onboarding and setting up the dev environment on the MacBook they sent me last week. I’ve already set up nix-darwin and a few utilities on the MacBook (taking some inspiration from a recent thread). nix-darwin is a lifesaver, if only because it lets me rebind the backtick/tilde key from §/±, an option which is mysteriously missing from the US layouts on this italian MacBook keyboard…

      But anyway, I’m pretty pumped about the new job! I’ve worked in a consulting firm up to now, and the contracts went from pretty good to really bad. I’ve gotten only a few glimpses of what a workplace with proper workflows looks like and I think it’ll be a nice change to do that instead of the unorganized mess I sometimes found myself into.

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      Tried setting up Hylo (the programming language formerly known as Val) on Windows. Just could not successfully build the hylo compiler. After a few attempts at reconfiguring llvm and building I am still getting linking errors. I don’t really have any unix-likes that I do dev on at the moment so I guess I am giving up for now. Maybe I will move on to trying rust

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      Transitioning our (streaming data processing company) internal deployment process from setting up a new ci pipeline for every pipeline to deploying jupyter notebooks directly. Should save a lot of time. Up till mow our data team has started with a notebook and moved code to normal py files in a new git repo, set up a docker image and then scped! the docker images into a VPNed datacentre. At the end of this process they’ll be able to create notebooks in jupyterhub and deploy pipelines without leaving the VPN.

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      Screwing around with a prototype vi-in-rust implementation so I get really annoyed with Rust again.

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      Learning enough Lean 4 to make Advent of Code doable next month.

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      Working more on Feather, my lightweight linear logic language that’s close enough to natural language.

      Waiting to hear back from some interviews, taking the first steps to build a career incubator and shelter community for weary creatives.

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      1. Doing some cleaning/tidying/unpacking before cooking a Thanksgiving dinner for my partner on Thursday. I’ve always had Thanksiving dinners cooked by either my parents or various aunts/uncles, excited to be making my own this time

      2. Finally buckling down and learning TypeScript over on Execute Program, which seems like a genuinely fantastic resource so far (https://www.executeprogram.com/)...we use JavaScript at work but will slowly be migrating over to TS at some point I think, so I want to be prepared

      3. At work I’m mostly focused on trying to wrap up a few lingering projects before Thanksgiving

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      • Code cleanup for my new file system (https://shithub.us/ori/gefs/HEAD/info.html) before putting out a wider call for testing. I’ve been running it for the last while on unimportant systems, and it’s time to get some more miles on it.
      • Friendsgivings and potlucks.
      • More reading on neural networks and machine learning
      • Working on sourcing contracts for my (brand new) consulting business: https://orib.dev/consulting.html
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      I’m getting into PyTorch, and been spending 1.5hr every morning working through “NO BULLSHIT guide to Linear Algebra”. It is time to make some good pattern matchers :).