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    this is a win-win situation, as far as I can tell. some app makers don’t want their content on user-owned devices. as a user, I don’t want to support such companies. now I have to do less work to avoid them.

    the unfortunate irony, though, is that Netflix still runs just fine on my rooted devices and my friends always insist on installing it.

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        Hopefully Google pulls more stunts like this. I am waiting patiently for a mass migration to something like Sailfish or B2G. The sooner this duopoly ends, the better.

        I think this optimism is a good thing, but the biggest hurdle for user migration is application support. The GP mentioned Netflix: How many users do you think will actually use a platform that doesn’t have key “killer” apps like Instagram, Snapchat, Netflix, Facebook, etc?

        The irony is that I’m playing the devil’s advocate, as I don’t use any of the aforementioned apps, but I completely understand that the vast majority of people depend on them (and largely for socially benign reasons like catching up on the latest pop-culture info, statuses of friends & family, etc).

        Not only that, but there’s also the question of platform stability and usability. It might seem like it was only yesterday that Android was nipping at iOS’s feet, but it wasn’t always like this. Android for years (for the better part of a decade) was a completely atrocious user experience for most (UI jitter, battery life issues, app compatibility issues due to device fragmentation, etc).

        Neither of the two platforms you mentioned (Sailfish OS & Boot To Gecko/Firefox OS) are ready for prime time in the above regards, and one of them (B2G/FF OS) is already discontinued…