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    I really like this list!

    Sometimes, you have a small problem, and you just want a small solution. Some might argue that these libraries shouldn’t be used for production because they’re too small, or not enterprise strength, or whatever. I completely disagree. I think that too much code is often a liability. Having just enough simple code to solve your problem and nothing else can be a great benefit.

    Shameless plug: three of my projects are on this list: Genann, TinyExpr, and Minctest.

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      My Happyhttp code made it on there too! I’m always amazed where it pops up.

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      This is super neat, I’ve been looking for a sample C project to port to Rust and will bookmark this list!

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        This is precisely what I was thinking! Not only good for practicing, but also might be useful to others hoping to use one of these libraries/functions directly from Rust.