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      love chunkwm! been using it for about 8 months now.

      if you want to have focus follows mouse with autoraise, like x windows, use chunkwm in float mode. voila! beautiful, even if you don’t care about tiling window managers.

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        Does it work well with multiple monitors? I was exploring Phoenix recently and I don’t think there was a way to move a window from one monitor to another.

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          it does! here’s my .skhdrc key bindings for moving windows around to monitors:

          shift + alt - 1 : chunkc tiling::window --send-to-desktop 1
          shift + alt - 2 : chunkc tiling::window --send-to-desktop 2
          shift + alt - 3 : chunkc tiling::window --send-to-desktop 3
          shift + alt - 4 : chunkc tiling::window --send-to-desktop 4
          shift + alt - 5 : chunkc tiling::window --send-to-desktop 5
          shift + alt - 6 : chunkc tiling::window --send-to-desktop 6
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      This is wonderful! I’ve never managed to find a tiling WM for MacOS that I really felt at home with. Been using chunkwm for a few hours now and really enjoying it, purely using the out-of-the-box settings. Can imagine digging in to tweak it might address a few things nicely, but none of the things have bugged me enough to think twice about it yet. Really nice stuff. Thanks!

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      I wish something comparable were available for Windows. Since Vista, Windows has been gradually adding tiling window manager features (first Aero Snap, then corners, then resizing splits), but they’re still very manual.

      bug.n implements a dwm-like window arrangement policy, but it tends to be a little unstable, possibly because it’s implemented in autohotkey.