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    “Is Elm worth it?”

    That’s still my question. You give up a lot by going with Elm in terms of community support. I guess the only way to find out is to dive into it myself, but if anyone here who is familiar and comfortable with Vue.js/browserify/ES6 would care to comment on how they now compare, I’m all ears!

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      Simplicity ftw! It would be nice if the author could explain in more detail the way they accomplished simplifying signals to their most fundamental concepts and removing cruft that was not necessary.

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        I think this change is good for them – the manner in which they were using FRP concepts before kind of restricted the utility of it in a way which meant that they were incurring a bunch of conceptual complexity without quite getting to the place where it could fully pay off.

        Somewhat ironically, the new Sub (“subscription”) type looks analogous to Event from other FRP systems, albeit with an extremely pared-down API, where their previous Signal type was a sort of unconventional take on Behaviours (with some discrete Event-like aspects mixed in).

        It’s really the interplay between Events and Behaviours (through primitives like Reflex’s “hold” and “attach” or reactive-banana’s “stepper” and “apply”) which make FRP so good at expressing things in a way that they can be implemented efficiently, and which allow building libraries of self-contained reusable components which can keep track of their own state.

        If you’re not going to have both, you’re probably better off doing something much simpler.

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          I was in love of Elm 0.16, I love it more now!