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What more can I say? Please share your yays and nays.


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    I don’t understand. What kind of stories would fit this category? And are there really that many of them?

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        These, and the post about Termux I posted yesterday are exactly the examples I had in mind.

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        Perhaps more importantly: Would you filter out things with the ‘terminal’ tag? Do you think someone would want to?

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          I don’t filter any tags. However I do use tags to find older stories I may have missed.

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            I think this is a standard not all currently existing tags can be measured against:

            • Would you filter out things with the ‘hardware’ tag?
            • Would you filter out things with the ‘programming’ tag?
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              I might filter out hardware. A lot of the stories are “wow neat”, but I don’t know what I’d do with them.

              I think the “programming” tag is redundant: It appears on a lot of things that aren’t programming related but examples of programming. If there was a poll to remove the programming tag I might welcome it.

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              Is this really the only reason we have tags? When submitting a story it says to choose at least one tag and “if no tag fits, this probably doesn’t belong here”.

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                I would.

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              I think it’s sensible. An analogy: tags are like photoreceptors. They are densest in the center, picking out fine detail. They are less dense at the periphery. Terminals seem like a topic close to the center for many users.

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                Shell may be more appropriate.

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                  I don’t think that’s quite the same. While shells are “terminal” programs, there are a lot of other programs that run on a terminal that aren’t shells (even though they probably get started from shells).

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                    Yeah. A terminal tag might be appropriate for shell stuff though.