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    Absolutely impressive work, as always! While I’m not a fan of M1’s locked-down nature and Apple’s practice on hardware (which is why I haven’t bought a Mac in almost 10 years now), I understand many prefer using Apple hardware while using Linux.

    Given Windows-support is out of the question, this might even make Linux in general more popular among Mac power-users.

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        From what I understand, that article discusses running windows in a VM. What’s interesting about the work Asahi are doing is that it runs bare metal.

        Linux has always been able to run virtualised on arm macs, IIRC Apple even demoed a fedora VM on stage.

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          Yes, it’s a virtualised one in this case. But if there’s enough interest, I wonder what will happen in the future. We MS already deploys Arm on their platforms, so it’s not impossible they’ll give it a go.

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        I just bought a MacBook-Pro, partly because I was interested in trying this macOS, but primarily because I would have needed to wait months for most of the somewhat open alternatives I found. I would love to run linux on that machine!

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        If you’re into those kind of things, Marcan often live streams some of the work for Asahi: https://youtube.com/c/marcan42