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It’s now February 1, so the pledge drive has ended. Of course, you are still encouraged to invite new users and grow the community.

The winners are as follows, in order of how much their activity in January pleases me at this particular moment:

  1. flyingfisch brought 19 new users totaling 305 karma, and 4 hats
  2. sanxiyn brought 42 new users, but no karma
  3. colindean brought 11 new users totaling 111 karma
  4. molloy brought 6 new users totaling 87 karma
  5. scari brought 15 new users with no karma

I will be contacting each of you to collect your info so you can receive your Lobsters-related loot.

Also, ngoldbaum gets a sticker just because they said I wouldn’t actually send them out.

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    Hooray! I’m useful!

    How many total users joined during the pledge drive?

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      Well done!

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        Congrats @ngoldbaum


        @jcs You would not actually commit the Comics Sans diff ;)

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          I know beck@ OK’d that diff. Not sure about anyone else, though…

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          Thanks for doing the pledge-drive, it finally made me ask for an invitation, whereas before I had been only lurking.

          Another interesting statistic might be how many votes have been given from the newly invited users. Maybe this would make it easier to gage their activity/interest since it’s more anonymous than writing and posting a comment.

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            Impressive! Congrats to all of you.

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              So, stickers exist, eh? Is there a place where we can trade money for stickers and have the proceeds somehow benefit the community?

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                The about page has all you need to know (scroll right to the bottom). Stickers are available!