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    The author makes a tastefully minimal bit of CSS go a long way. It reminded me of two resources, [1] and [2], that I found quite useful when building the style.css for my own website (as someone with little to no web-dev experience). Both articles are a < 5 minute read and do a great job at showing how to do more with less in CSS.

    [1]: 58 bytes of css to look great nearly everywhere

    [2]: Web Design in 4 minutes

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      That’s very kind of you to say, thank you. I’ll definitely be checking those links out.

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      Looks fantastic! I teach an undergrad course that involves building a simple site from scratch on Neocities and I’m always on the hunt for materials like this.

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        I hope you get some use from it. All my content is released under an open license, so please do feel free to reuse and improve upon it. :)

        More info: https://kevq.uk/license-information