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    When we were still doing fuduntu, linode provided us with free credits, which enabled us to expand our build infrastructure considerably, especially at a time when many of us were working full weeks between work in order to make it happen. The service is great and i can’t recommend their support enough. I’ve mostly used DO out of these options for the last couple of years, mainly thanks to their inclusion in the Github pack for my students. That being said, I still think Linode has the best support team out of any hosting provider I’ve used.

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      I’ve been a Linode user since the days when it was UML-based and the company was just Chris Aker - it was big news when they hired employee #1 (Tom Asaro) - and can’t recommend them highly enough. They’ve had their ups and downs (particularly around past security issues relating to their old Cold Fusion based site not to mention the various DDoS attacks), but my experiences have been nothing but positive.

      That said, I also use DO and AWS too. Competition and diversity are good.

      Update: Just checked and my first Linode invoice appears to be from January 2005, for a “Linode 360”.

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      I recommend scaleway: https://www.scaleway.com/

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        how about hyper.sh ?

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          FWIW, some other VPS providers I’ve had recommended: