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    My team uses direnv with Nix but I refuse to because I see how slow it is. Hopefully this will change that!!

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      Oh, wow. It’s rare that I read about something here and can’t wait to use it. Thanks for writing this, and for sharing it!

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        I’m excited by this, but a little turned off but having to run a watch instance for each project. Thankfully, it looks like people are already on it!

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          Could someone share how the name came about?

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            lorri’s project goal at the start was to experiment with ways Nix could be a better tool for development.

            The Long Range Reconnaissance Imager (LORRI) camera aboard NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft did a fly-by, taking photos of Pluto and its moons. Here is a long-range photo LORRI took of Pluto’s moon, Nix.

            The name indicates its goal of being a long-range view of what Nix could be.

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            I’ve never used Nix. What can lorri offer that I can relate to? Replacing docker as a provider of a build environment for a specific project?

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              I wouldn’t recommend lorri for a new person. But plain nix is a build tool, package manager, provider of build environments, and a deployment tool all in one. In my opinion it is better than docker for many reasons.

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                Could you elaborate how it compares, how it’s better and what are advantages over Docker?

                PS: haven’t used Nix yet.

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                  • Packages do not need to run inside a container, but all of dockers benefits.
                  • Can specify exact git hash of nixpkgs respository so all dependencies are versioned precisely.
                  • Can also build docker images, so interops well with docker.
                  • Has more uses the more experienced you get with it.
                  • Can be used as your daily operating system package manager, less tools to remember overall.