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This is a blog post I wrote the other day on exploring dollar shave clubs site and how they manage their product offerings. Quite a few companies do these sorts of variable product offerings based on user behavior and whats in their cart.

If you know of any other companies that do something similar please let me know, I’m also working on a larger article with overarching themes and methodologies!

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    Just about all companies are doing dumb shit like this all the time, these days. And all using third-party “tools” which aren’t actually about increasing sales or revenue for the retailer, but actually just farming your data where it’s most valuable; when you’re actually buying stuff. It’s known-good data about your actual identity, behaviour, and preferences.

    Run a NoScript plugin or similar that blocks third-party scripts for a while, and you’ll be amazed at just how many online shopping sites no longer work at all, or crap out at the last minute during checkout. It’s definitely > 90% of them, in my experience.

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      Reminds me of the days you could pay less for an item when the checkout page state was dynamically modified by the content of POST requests.

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        Annoyance about what they’re doing aside, if you have a legitimate reason to hide certain data from a user, this illustrates well why you can’t trust JavaScript to do it. (“Oh no, hackers! They’re using… curl!”) Do your authorization and filtering server-side. Same thing goes for validation - when the data hits the server, assume they didn’t run your JavaScript.

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          i have to say, if i caught a company doing this it would probably leave a bad enough taste in my mouth that i would no longer feel like doing business with them.