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    do all debian releases start with b now? buster, bullseye, bookworm…

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      As a debianista of 20+ years, I long ago lost the ability to know which codename follows which one. I don’t even know Debian versions very well. Are we on Debian 8? 9? 10? 11? I don’t really know.

      Thankfully, I only have to care about this every two years on average, whenever it’s time to upgrade. This is why I like Debian. Minimal change, stable over 20 years, I’ve only had to update it less than 10 (ten) times since I’ve first used it.

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        cat /etc/os-release

        then you can at least know which version number you’re on.

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          I usually do lsb_release -a instead. Which is a lot less standard base than it should be, oh well.

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            yea that’s good for scripting too, for example: lsb_release -s -r

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              Maybe this will help me remember.

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      This is the time of the cycle I open the graph of release critical bugs, keep the tab open, and check it every few days.

      Here is the all history graph

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        I love watching the Debian release process at work. A bunch of blue-haired dorky anarchists somehow manage to get together and put out quality software every two years, and continuously throughout that time period too.

        When white smoke blows from ftp-masters.debian.org, habemus releasum!

        apt install anarchism

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          picture shows 2 [two] blue-haired individual, out of group of around 60 people

          doesn’t really matter, just funny to me

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            Meanwhile the serious corporate world suddenly realized that it’s really important to be able to track the provenance of the software you depend on (aka software bill of materials) and they’re trying to reinvent what Debian’s been doing for 25 years.

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              I don’t think that it is anarchy when they have and follow a Constitution. It’s more of a constitutional republic!

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                Anarchy doesn’t mean no rules, it means no rulers!

                Okay, fine, there’s the DPL, but I find him to be a purely ceremonial role.