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What are you doing this week? Feel free to share!

Keep in mind it’s OK to do nothing at all, too.

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    Try to get back to speed at work lol

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      Been working on debug packages for Arch Linux for probably around 1 and a half - 2 years now?

      Deployed the repository handling in December for Arch Linux and wrote up the debug package detection in our developer tools 2 weeks ago.

      Spent the weekend writing up some patches for pacman to enhance the debug package support. There is no pretty way to figure out if a given package is a debug package, or a poorly named packages. Implement pkgtype so this can be easier for future tooling.

      Then I was told RPM split out it’s debug package handling into debugedit! So I swapped out the ugly AWK hack pacman had and made it utilize the new tool instead. This enables cool things like having proper debug packages in Golang and fixes a few long standing bugs which has been roadblocks for properly supporting debug packages in other languages (I hope, haven’t tested properly).

      In the end Arch Linux will have debuginfod in a couple of weeks hopefully.

      This relates to what I’m doing this week:

      • Play Wartales
      • Write up one or two blog posts detailing the above work in a more detailed manner.
        • I’m lazy and might only just start this work over the week.
      • Probably cleaning up some of the above patch submissions.
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        I’m so looking forward to this. It would help with development so much, even with optimized builds.

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        Started reading Empire of Liberty about the first few decades of the US, super interesting. I am most interested in Reconstruction/the Gilded Age but figured I’d start back further for more context.

        Launched the new website for my (extremely small) company: https://multiprocess.io.

        And thinking about my next personal blog post on bootloader basics.

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          I get my booster shot this morning.

          Tomorrow I start a new job, and although it looks like a really great job, I’m a little bummed out. I’ve really enjoyed having 6 months off, and going back to work made me realize how much stuff I still wanted to do, and with the holidays I’ve had little time to do any of it the last few weeks. I don’t think I’ll ever run out of stuff to do, though, so it’s probably best that I’m going back.

          Other than that, I’m reading, “A Ditch In Time” about the history of water in Colorado and specifically Denver Water, and still plodding through “Topology and Its Applications.”

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            I get my booster shot this morning.

            Tomorrow I start a new job

            That sound… optimistic. Good luck, hope you don’t get too much of a reaction!

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            Working on a take-home project and participating in a couple of interviews.

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              good luck!

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              Honestly? Staring into the abyss after a long weekend away from work, hoping whatever stares back doesn’t demand too much of my attention span today.

              I’ve been hoarding my vacating time until I can actually enjoy it, and only taking, like, a Friday off here and there so I don’t go over the vacation limit and lose time off. Which means I worked through December with only one day off outside of the paid holidays and weekends.

              My reasoning is that, because it’s a pandemic, I can’t really go anywhere or do anything, so I’ll save it for later. But “later” isn’t coming anytime soon, so I’m hotly debating whether or not to say “fuck it” and take a week off in January just to play video games and recharge. But that would disrupt a lot of meetings that are already scheduled🙃

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                Hitting the point where the meetings aren’t achieving anything because you’re mentally checked out is also disruptive and counterproductive for the business. I did similar in 2020 with not taking holiday, and found that taking the odd day or two every couple of weeks to use up my allowance did wonders for my attitude towards work (and reminding me that there’s things to do outside work.)

                I’d totally suggest a week off for video games, sounds amazing 🙃

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                  For what it’s worth, the second week of my time off over Christmas/New Year was spent at home by myself, and I felt so recharged from it.

                  I ended up playing video games, hanging out in video calls with my (long-distance) partner, and honestly just getting the kind of rest you only get from pure downtime. By the last day or two, I gravitated to a bit of (non-work) programming, which I think speaks for how refreshing it was!

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                  Recovering from COVID and continuing Andrew Ng’s Deep Learning courses on Coursera. And maybe do some work.

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                    I ended up the last workday of 21 by writing some tests and uncovering an issue in our IL patching/post-processing setup. So I’ll be spending part of this week fully identifying that issue and formulating a fix.

                    Aside from the usual start-of-week administration stuff, slightly increased by start of year / post-holiday -ness and a new client project starting up.

                    Getting a booster injection as well so I’ve sprinkled some lighter tasks around that time in case I get tired / a headache from that. Mostly minor adjustments to our Nix service configurations.

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                      For fun:

                      • add a “jump to git status after project selection” feature to telescope repo
                      • hopefully get a personal blog post out
                      • contribute some changes I have locally to telescope-github.nvim
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                        Trying to fix the GatsbyJS MDX feed plugin. It needs to be updated for Gatsby 4.

                        Last weekend I shipped my personal blog side project side written using GatsbyJS - Playing With Quicksilver.

                        Also yeah, getting back into the swing of work :)

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                          trying to recover from food poisoning, alternately staring at a wall and at my computer with nothing coming to mind.

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                            Starting “Day 5” now that it’s my 3rd week of working half time (and having 2 company holidays in the first 2 weeks) and trying to figure out what the product this company makes actually does. There’s clearly a lot going on in it, way more than I had figured out before I started. Part of it, I assume, is just getting used to the early stage startup lifestyle of flying blind and making it up as I go along.

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                              I’ve implemented Coed support in Derw. That basically means that now most Elm code should work with minimal changes, outside of some interop stuff (like Http). My monthly status post already has enough content to be published, but I think I’m going to try to wait to the end of the month til I have really have a ton to share and filter out what’s important.

                              At work, focus is on hiring.

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                                Finishing up on an iOS Application contract. Was sick last week so I am going to have to really put in the hours this week. The contract was for a month, between my college semesters, and Gotten really far with it but its no where near production ready.

                                Other than that gearing back up for school to start :)

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                                  • Working with form validation in Vue 3.
                                  • Meeting with a new client for their new website for travel and event booking.
                                  • Joining a designsprint to learn more about UX.


                                  Converting the last of my Jekyll-websites to Zola. (I really enjoy the single binary life)

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                                    Loading $work state back into cache from disk.

                                    Couple of cars need oil/filter changes (one also needs the rest of a major service now I’ve had a closer look, definitely not been serviced recently before I bought it.) Want to reactivate the 3d printer—which I’m pretty sure was working last time I turned it off—to print a phone holder for the Z4.

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                                      • Trying to remember how anything works
                                      • Continuing to port stuff that currently only works on AWS to work on GCP too

                                      Not work:

                                      • Finishing up some improvements to the Ruby Prometheus library
                                      • Assembling furniture (and embarrassingly making space for it, which I said I’d do a month ago)