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    A similar signal that was often confused with FRB: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Peryton_(astronomy)

    In 2015, perytons were found to be the result of premature opening of microwave oven doors at the Parkes Observatory. The microwave oven releases a frequency-swept radio pulse that mimics an FRB as the magnetron turns off.

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      Please don’t fix your link

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      For those who didn’t link light sails with extragalactic civilizations, here’s the abstract:

      We examine the possibility that Fast Radio Bursts (FRBs) originate from the activity of extragalactic civilizations. Our analysis shows that beams used for powering large light sails could yield parameters that are consistent with FRBs. The characteristic diameter of the beam emitter is estimated through a combination of energetic and engineering constraints, and both approaches intriguingly yield a similar result which is on the scale of a large rocky planet. Moreover, the optimal frequency for powering the light sail is shown to be similar to the detected FRB frequencies. These ‘coincidences’ lend some credence to the possibility that FRBs might be artificial in origin. Other relevant quantities, such as the characteristic mass of the light sail, and the angular velocity of the beam, are also derived. By using the FRB occurrence rate, we infer upper bounds on the rate of FRBs from extragalactic civilizations in a typical galaxy. The possibility of detecting fainter signals is briefly discussed, and the wait time for an exceptionally bright FRB event in the Milky Way is estimated.

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        I’m not an astrophysicist, but I would imagine any civilization capable of generating the amount of energy needed for the observed power of FRBs would also have come up with something better than solar sails….unless there really isn’t anything better than solar sails, which, while they’re awesome, would make me a little sad.

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          Alternatively, they prefer to keep control of their probes centralised rather than allowing them to be independent; that is, it could be a political rather than technical design choice.

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            I agree. I’d also expect advanced alien civilizations to use… advanced technology.

            But what if other alien civilizations aren’t much more advanced than us, or are just a little bit more advanced than us? Maybe, just like us, they’re trying things out, and they don’t really know what they’re doing.

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              Maybe they’ve got much more advanced technology, but this is their equivalent of yacht racing.