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    The postage stamp space reserved for content on mobile was immediately covered by a pop up asking me to bookmark the site. Unreadable.

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      Its sad to see the classic Firefox addons go… IIRC WebExtensions have much more limited possibilities.

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        The big problem is XUL extensions are a dead end - they make sandboxing and multiprocess much harder, if not impossible. I do think they should get WebExtensions near API parity though, before killing off the old model.

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        Amazing how Mozilla marches Firefox to it’s own death. Just more horrible interface options and zero creativity except to mimic Chrome.

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          Care to elaborate? Which of the interface decisions would you describe as “horrible”?

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            The cartoon characters are unappealing. I realize this is a subjective opinion, regarding taste, but for a utility to adopt a mascot, or anthropomorphic-character-oriented motif, very careful consideration must be given to the degree of “cutesiness” expressed.

            Compare the Plan 9 bunny:


            To Microsoft’s Clippy:


            Viewed repeatedly, one takes on a sense of irritating condescension while the other does not.

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            I lost count of how many times a “death march” for Firefox was called.

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            I really like having a separate search box next to the address bar.

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              The UI is customizeable, so I think you can drag back a search box from the widget pane.

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              Wow, that website is absolutely terrible on mobile. Why even have the viewport meta tag in your HTML if you’re going to not work at all on small screens?

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                YMMV, but it works nicely with Firefox (mobile) and ublock. :)