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    I’ve marveled at this very phenomenon for some time now – my operating system seemingly deciding to give me – the interactive user that purchased the hardware and operating system – seemingly less priority than things running in the background. An astonishing thing in 2017.

    The author did an amazing job of troubleshooting this. Let’s hope Microsoft comes up with a patch soon – and learns a larger lesson about not causing serious performance regressions in their software. (Hey, one can dream…)

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      What escapes my understand is why moving the mouse is affected by lock on NtGdiCloseProcess.

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        SendMessageW needs the same lock and was blocked. I think the cursor should be independent? But the window underneath may need messages about mouse position.

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      Where do I get a 24-core laptop?

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        I’m sure he has a Xeon-based workstation tower, not a laptop.

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          You’re right. He switched to laptop later in article and I got confused.

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        Not surprising given its windows.

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          >implying other operating systems don’t have bugs that can cause the pointer to be stuck because something is locking too much

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            MuQSS fixes a lot of this in Linux.