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      More languages that compile to Python, besides Coconut and Hy:


      • https://github.com/i2y/mochi (last commit 2016) “Dynamically typed programming language for functional programming and actor-style programming”
      • https://github.com/billpmurphy/hask “Hask is a pure-Python, zero-dependencies library that mimics most of the core language tools from Haskell” (last commit 2015)

      Built in another language and compatible with Python:

      • Erg, in Rust, statically typed “Erg is internally compatible with Python and can import the Python API at zero cost.” https://github.com/erg-lang/erg

      Targetting the Python platform:

      my list (not much maintained) https://github.com/vindarel/languages-that-compile-to-python/

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      This would be a reasonable place to mention Python’s predecessor SetL.

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      We should start making up new ones:

      • Hydra: Python but implemented in Fortran
      • Asp: Python but runs on the CLR (okay that’s a real thing but “Iron Python” is a wasted pun)
      • Cleese: Python but it’s implemented using materials in the Legend of Zelda to make a virtual CPU
      • Terry: Python but it comes with a luxurious washcloth for scrubbing up after work