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    on Gnome:

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      Totally pointless. Cmd + Ctrl + Space is the default key combo to bring up the character palette, you can then search for whatever character you want.

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        Oh, wow, I hadn’t realized the Character Viewer (the window opened by that shortcut) had gotten so much easier to use in more recent macOS versions – or did I never notice that top-right button that converts the floating palette into a popup near the cursor?

        Opening the Character Viewer as a palette window keeps keyboard focus in the text field you are in, so it requires a lot of mouse usage to search for and to insert the character you want. I see that after toggling the Character Viewer to the popup mode (the default mode on macOS 10.15), the search field is focused after pressing ⌃⌘Space, the arrow keys select a character, and I can insert the selected character with Return. That’s much more convenient.

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          On newer Macs (at least the legend for it, it’s prob available or configurable), it’s just straight up bound to pressing fn.

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            Thanks for the comment. I am going to update the article with this information.

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              Sounds good. Sorry if I came across as harsh.