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    It sounds like Lobste.rs TLS is one of the harder ones to support. Glad our commenting powers are super-secure!

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      I have warm feelings towards efforts to support older hardware, but I’m confused by…

      And what are those supported platforms? Why, here’s some of them as they were being cruelly whipped to perform like beaten dogs for your entertainment: [picture of old computers sitting on a desk] They’ll avenge themselves on me eventually, but until then they’ll encrypt their HTTP and they’ll like it. The list of shame includes AIX (4 and 6+), SunOS 4 (via OS/MP on Solbourne), Mac OS 9 (via Power MachTen), A/UX 3.1, IRIX (6.5 and possibly earlier), Rhapsody/Mac OS X Server v1.2, Mac OS X (PowerPC and Intel), NeXTSTEP (on HP PA-RISC) and Tru64 (on Alpha), […]

      …this passage’s, er, ‘negativity’. Especially, why is the list of supported platforms a “list of shame”, and not, say, a list of pride? The linked README (permalink) does not say why these platforms should be ashamed of themselves, and it seems more ’positive’ about supporting them:

      now it’s time for the Great Old Computing Ones to reclaim the Earth