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Suggestions on best practice with laravel blade and angularjs or xx.js?

I’m developing a web system providing some search features based on elasticsearch.

At the beginning, I chosed laravel blade, bootstrap+jquery and some other table/charts js libraries as the major components for front-end. I’m not an expert on front-end programming, though, as the system’s basic features get finished as I expected, I’m considering a refactor for better code maintainance.

I chosed blade because I love the template inheritance feature, which makes web page layout easier and more maintainable. But it just look a little wierd to be mixed with heavy javascript (ajax, js template engine, etc). It’s hard to describe, I’m just confused on how to organize my code.

The kibana provided for elasticsearch is an awesome aplication. But It’s more like a single page web application, and personally I don’t like the long loading time when entering the page for the first time.

Could you provide some well written open source web applications or suggestions for me to continue digging?

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    I just found this article on javascript and adopt some useful pattern for encapsulation and reusable module~