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This keynote is primarily about possible black swan events that may threaten the viability of Python. It also discusses sustainability in open source and how open-source communities can drive their volunteers to burn-out or worse.

Note: There are about 20 minutes of PyCon orientation before the keynote itself.

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      I think a lot of people are kinda swimming around this point with the whole “run on mobile” discussion, but generally speaking having a way to get to kernel python would be so awesome.

      Loads of people go from Python to Go despite the fact that Go is so non-Pythonic in many ways. But the packaging story is really nice and things basically work (well dep management in Go is weird but….)

      For the most part I get by with pip + requirements.txt, but I have no confidence in doing cross-machine packaging (let alone “host some python on the web”), despite the fact that loads of packages feel close!

      This could be endemic in Python itself. CPython exposes its internals so much, and people rely on it enough, that it might be impossible to really reign stuff in without going the MicroPython route of just taking the syntax basically

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