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    My personal experience corroborates this research; I tend to come up with ideas/solutions to problems while walking the dog or mowing the grass. Then again I also do a lot of good thinking in the shower. So, perhaps its not just walking but rather not sitting that enhances the idea flows. :)

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      My personal experience as well.

      I walk 3 miles to and from work every day and in addition to provide a nice chance to transition from “home to work” and back again, I find that most breakthroughs I have come during those 2 hours that I spend walking.

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        I’ll third this; if I don’t end up walking on the way to / from work, I’ll take time out at night to go for a walk. I also make sure to leave my phone behind, and just disconnect for a bit (until I get to work, it’s in airplane mode). I also tend to do this if I’m working on something particularly challenging.

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      My current bullshit operating theory is that it’s not the walking per se, it’s the keeping the damned smartphone/tablet in your pocket.

      Ever notice how you have ideas in the shower? It’s because you can’t use your phone while you’re in the shower, and what you’re doing with your body is so routine that you don’t need to think about it. Mind wanders, creativity happens.

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        i have my smart phone out on most of my walk, flipping through twitter mindlessly.

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          And you find that you can still have creative ideas? Not me, I can’t do it mindlessly. :)

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            i mostly look at cute cat pictures on the walk. or other animal related hilarities.