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    It’s so infuriating that, to this day, only third party apps speak DDC/CI. Why don’t Apple and Microsoft support it out of the box?! Even mainline Linux doesn’t do it, only an external module does.

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      From my 4+ years of experience of responding to support emails, I’d say they probably tried it internally and found the device support not consistent enough.

      What I encounter the most when users say Lunar doesn’t work for them:

      • a monitor loses connection completely when a DDC write/read is sent through I²C (this is the worst, people can get very angry when this happens)
      • nothing happens when users change brightness in the app because
        • the hub/dock/adapter they’re using doesn’t forward DDC messages
        • the user is using a proprietary DisplayLink adapter (their driver for Mac doesn’t implement DDC)
        • the monitor is in fact a TV
        • the monitor blocks DDC while it has some smart setting turned on (like its own ambient light sensor, or a preset activation scheme)
        • Dual DisplayPort is used for more bandwidth

      With so many ways to fail, I think Apple doesn’t want to provide such a solution. They would rather sell a monitor that has their own USB protocol for changing brightness and volume smoothly.

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        If I had to guess, it’s similar to IPMI where every manufacturer considers “supported” as:

        • The bare minimum, according to specification (IPMI 2.0)
        • No support whatsoever
        • Proprietary extension of the IPMI specification (vendors like Supermicro do this)
        • “Follow” the specification, but either half-baked or a very specific subset of the specification
        • “IPMI? What’s that? Here’s our exclusive communications protocol called BobsUselessProtocol!”
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        I had no idea about Lunar but it sounds like just what I need! Thanks for this really great write-up on an interesting problem and for Lunar :-)

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          Glad you enjoyed it! If you experience any issues with Lunar, feel free to reach me and Lunar’s community on our Discord channel listed on the lunar.fyi website.

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          Brilliant app, website, blog post, attitude (I love the humble decision to listen to a user).

          I too had never heard of Lunar and will be buying a copy to encourage all of the above. Also maybe I will reduce eye strain as a bonus.

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            It is indeed very hard to get the word out to the people that actually have a need for this app.

            Ads don’t actually work for this niche so I’m happy that the article has this effect.