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      So, who is this for? Are there a lot of Emacs users who want a GUI to help them string together Elisp commands? No shade, I just don’t understand what I’m seeing here…

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        A good question, there are many users of Nyxt who do not know Lisp. We expect this percentage of users to increase over time.

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      Who are “the vast majority of users”? The majority of users of this specific web browser, all of whom are probably programmers and therefore probably don’t need or want a GUI to program their macros? Or the vast majority of computer users, a group of people who absolutely do not care enough to learn how to use a web browser with macros programmed in lisp of all things?

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        Well, many people have learned Excel, what will stop many people from learning a simple macro interface in Nyxt? If it provides them great benefit at low cost, I think many people will do it. At least I hope they will :-)