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If I am not mistaken, the current way for merging stories is to wait for a mod to perform the operation. In case a user spots it, probably has to (somehow) summon a mod. This can result in no action being taken if the mods don’t spot it, or the users downvoting a relevant side of the story as “already posted” when the new link can actually be interesting anyway.

For that reason, the obvious suggestion I imagine is to add a new button to the suggest dialog that notifies the mods about the request. I know this is not as trivial to implement as a new tag, but it can be interesting under certain circumstances (like for example the GitHub and Microsoft soap opera).


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    Your understanding of the way the feature works and doesn’t is correct. I don’t think it needs to notify the mods, just follow the existing logic for when there’s enough user suggestions and no prior mod actions. See StoriesController#submit_suggestions for an entry point and, in the Story model, the methods starting save_suggested_.

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      Are merges easy to undo once performed? If not, I suspect that a (relatively) small group of users could cause serious vandalism by suggesting many unrelated comment sections be merged.

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        Yeah, trivial to undo.

        Users are currently entrusted with tag and title editing now and so far have not abused it, I don’t worry that they’d begin with merging. I’d rather not create a second class of users, that drags in a whole lot of social hierarchy baggage that humans have.