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    from 13ms to under 1ms

    13ms means being over a frame behind, at 90Hz display refresh. For gamers, thas is a very measurable competitive handicap. Or at less than <1ms, advantage.

    I am hopeful for a world where “gaming keyboards” routinely get objectively reviewed for latency.

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      Is there any evidence that being 1 frame behind sometimes actually leads to losses in competitive gaming?

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        Given the number of factors involved it’d be quite difficult to be certain, but I have little trouble believing it for twitchy reaction-centric games (eg classic shooters).

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          I know for a fact if someone were speedrunning something it would be a massive issue. There are lots of things within speedrunning that need to be executed on a single specific frame.

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            Wouldn’t most frame-perfect inputs have a decent lead-in time or at least be repeatable? In both cases you would know you need to press 13ms earlier and adjust accordingly - probably without even thinking about it.

            Same with competitive games, anticipating your opponent is probably more important than having a sub-13ms reaction time(!).