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What are you doing this week? Feel free to share!

Keep in mind it’s OK to do nothing at all, too.

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    Honestly? I’m in maintenance mode till the end of the year. I will keep my work up exactly as I would normally, but I won’t be doing any “go above and beyond” shit or personal projects, because I am ready for a vacation at the end of the year :)

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      Hacking on my NIH cgit replacement in Go. cgit is woefully out of date—and I really don’t like the kind of HTML it spews (tables everywhere, not responsive). I’ve got nearly all the views done: repo listing, file tree, log, refs and commit diffs, the only thing left is to clean up the templates and write the CSS (all of which is customizable). I’m pretty excited about how well this is turning out.

      Some progress screenshots here: https://h.icyphox.sh/u/icy/h/G1CX461PXy1tcS6tZx

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        funny, I’m working on my stagit (static git page generator) replacement :D

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        • Some automated code generation stuff for Elm
        • A game related project in Elm
        • Some pet & veterinary scheduling
        • Maybe pickup volume 5 of East of West
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          In AccessKit, I’m currently working on support for text editing on macOS. Then I need to fix a bug that was recently reported with the same feature on Windows. After that, not sure. Maybe it will finally be time for me to review the Linux (AT-SPI) adapter.

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            Hacking furiously on a last minute change to a work project, which is fun. I’m also trying to patch up a weird DE for NixOS.

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              Getting back onto the UK timezone after a week in Mexico. Also need to finish the spare room for friends staying next weekend.

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                speeding up my rust normalization by evaluation implementation and therapy

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                  Making heavy use of chatGPT to muddle my way through my first moderate-size rust project.

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                    I might have found a method for making Garnet’s type checking work well that does what I want: modular implicits. So, let’s see if I can implement that.

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                      @work Settling down after a stressful release that went late by a few days. I have bug to fix related to that, and then I’m helping out on a big change for the next release…

                      @home I’m getting used to my new keyboard. It’s replacing an older Kinesis2 (now at work), and the build quality is top notch like I expected. The layout changes have been a little annoying, but I think my fingers are finally adjusting. The new position for “Esc” is probably my biggest pet peeve, because I’ve historically mapped that key position to Ctrl, and use that particular key a lot for key chords. The function keys now need the “Fn” modifier, and that’s made some of my personal key-bindings in Emacs a little awkward.

                      In any case, I like the changes in principle because they simplify the layout, I just need to train my fingers.

                      Other than that, I’m working on a Common Lisp package to do SIMD accelerated vector and matrix math.

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                        Prototyping Ecstasy-style fibers on top of Java’s new virtual threads.

                        Hopefully: Skiing.

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                          For work, I have some aversive ‘closing stuff off’ slog to do. Nothing technically difficult, just very taxing; a lot of ‘scream into the void and hope that other people eventually do what they claim they do’ and ‘meticulously check that this thing actually works the way it should over there, with steps that people other than me can follow’.

                          For my personal projects, I’m getting close to the point where I can finally actually start using my ‘basic use-site staged metaprogramming for rust procedural macros’ library, which I only started working on because I needed something like it to exist so that I could do the next bit of programming on my emulation project. Working on this stuff nights and weekends around work proceeds at a crawl, but at least I do eventually make progress.

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                            Still futzing around trying to capture something of COBOL. It is universally despised by computer science, and, yet it added quite a lot of value during its time. I’m trying to capture the ideas of declaring all types in advance, specifying deeper than what we think of as ‘base types’, and adding active vocabulary to the documentation.

                            The hardest part is getting past the inculcated ‘ick factor’ of COBOL and the real factor of COBOL having so many sharp edges, like a JCL.