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Feel free to tell what you plan on doing this weekend and even ask for help or feedback.

Please keep in mind it’s more than OK to do nothing at all too!

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      FOSDEM <3

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        Same here. Mostly I’ll be in the Free Software Radio devroom. But there are some good talks in the community track as well.

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        Ditto. Haven’t yet managed to make it in person, hopefully next year >:)

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          I hope that you can one day go in person, after going there for the last 10y, it is always a joy to have a we at FOSDEM.

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      There will be SNOW!

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        Be careful what you wish for lol The weather here in Indiana for the last week has been:

        • Snow
        • Rain
        • Freezing rain
        • More snow

        Several asses have been busted on unsalted sidewalks in the last week or so.

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      I’m not sure… Original plans fell through, so now it’s up in the air.

      I bought a 3D mouse last week, and wrote a Common Lisp binding to the Spacenavd library, so I should get that added to QuickLisp. I’m not sure how the process works for libraries with 3rd party dependencies, so I need to learn about it.

      And I’d like to add 3D mouse navigation to some of my OpenGL programs, so I need to start looking at that.

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      I learned about the existence of the gemini space on tuesday, and wanted to explore it, probably on sunday.

      Tomorrow if the weather is good enough, I go on a little trekking tour: deep forrest, one man, no path

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        Gemini is fun. I’ve wanted to make an eInk gemini reader to help subtly encourage the “slow web” treatment.

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      I’m going to work on my blog, I think – I’m redesigning it right now!

      I also might make some bread

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        Neither https://acdw.net/ nor https://www.acdw.net/ seem to resolve for me, have you taken your blog down while you redesign it? I got the link off your lobste.rs profile

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          Should be up now, sorry!

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      Since I’m done with the first release of hxd, I’ll probably go back to working on my Z80 RetroForth port.

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      I’m gonna finish up a little blogpost. Not quite sure what it’s gonna be about. I have a few ideas.

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      I’m dipping my toes into the dark side: Emacs.

      I’m also learning Clojure at the same time. All of this ticks off several programming bucket-list items for me (learning a Lisp, learning a functional programming language, learning enough of Emacs that I can intelligently compare it to (Neo)vim).

      Both of these are in service of getting my hands dirty with some generative art stuff. I’ve been tinkering around with generative art in Rust with nannou. I’m not sure Rust really fits the kind of exploratory workflow that I’d like (even though I generally like Rust) so I’m learning Clojure in order to use the Quil bindings to Processing.

      You can see one of my first creations here, which was inspired by Tyler Hobbs’ flow field article.

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        Emacs is lots of fun! Good hunting!

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      1. Find a topic for a new article for my blog: I have a few subjects (C socket chat app, virtio protocol) I learned recently, and I think the best way to consolidate this knowledge is to write about it.
      2. I want to get into some functional language. Most probably this will be OCaml, but I have been procrastinating that for some time. Maybe I will try it out this weekend.

      If not, I will probably chill out :)

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      I’m working on a blog post about flashing coreboot with Intel ME removed and without any blobs or microcode updates on an X200 I bought off eBay recently. I’m also getting a bunch of new parts for it this weekend so I can refurbish it properly.

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        Good luck, it’s a lot of fun! Just remember to back up the original BIOS blob so that you don’t end up like me, stuck using a random guy’s BIOS backup that I found on GitHub.

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      I am moving to Philadelphia in March to start a PhD program, so this weekend my roommates and I are going to drive around Philadelphia to get a better feel for the city/suburbs and figure out where we want to live. I am also going to continue brushing up on calculus and statistics.

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      Hopefully this weekend I’ll have a chance to start SANS Foundations. I discovered my access code hiding in my inbox last night.

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      Improving the shell browser experience with Epicyon. Trying to smooth out the rough edges and make it really easy to do the main things, like making a new post in a browser like Lynx. https://epicyon.net

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      I am revamping my dots for macOS and Alpine Linux; lubing some of my switches (I’m only about 10% done for my keeb); and finally doing a few .NET Core 5 and ASP.NET tutorials for work since I’m a bit behind there.

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      Live streaming programming, looking after the new baby.

      I’m also looking into the problem of Search for static websites e.g. Stork, tinysearch, Lunr, Elasticlunr.js. I’m particularly interested in any solutions that allow search at scale via index splitting (or ‘merging’ I’ve seen it referred to as).

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      Packing up to move; need to get my monitor and speakers packed for fewer distractions.

      Setting up a laptop for when I’m on the road

      Hopefully getting a blog post up today and one more over the weekend

      Setting up my XMPP server so I can use jmp.chat to move off of Google Voice (want to be Google free before I move)

      … lot of stuff to do; hope I make it through all of it.

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      Look up for a job and play with my kid. Probably also participate in FOSDEM

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      Potentially getting a working version of my custom regular expression engine that has some very interesting properties.

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      The week’s been busy, so I’m gonna kick back and enjoy a quiet weekend.

      Just kidding, I’ll be drowning in Android documentation all weekend to present something on Monday. Fun!!!!1

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      Gonna watch some FOSDEM talks and at the moment restoring my backups after reinstalling my desktop with btrfs. I’ve mainly switched for btrfs to be able to use LXD containers for local development with a full TLS setup using step-cli and maybe step-ca and ACME.

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      • Chores. Alas.
      • Preparing for, and then running, my fortnightly Call of Cthulhu tabletop game.
      • Writing weeknotes.

      I’m thinking of starting a series of blog posts on tools I use (including for running tabletop RPGs online), so I might do some writing for that.

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      Bringing on a new housemate, yard work, building a storage rack for metal tubing stock, and maybe assembling a second FDM printer.

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      I’ve been working on an analysis of Lobsters tags and posting habits. Hoping to have it up in a postable state soon; it’s been interesting and really helped me understand the shape of the Lobsters community and its opinionated niche.

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      Watching some FOSDEM talks. I want to write a blog post for my blog about how we defined a SLIs for our data pipelines at work. I will also continue to setup my new laptop from work, since my last one has been buggy and I got a replacement from IT.

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      I’ve been waiting for a good weekend to mess with Teal, a lua type checker. I’ll be refactoring a project of mine with types to see how it comes out.


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      I’m working on some more posts for my blog as part of 100DaysToOffload, catching up with some friends, and playing some video games.

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      I will participate in an online escape room with my brother, his wife and a few friends. We will hang out in a video chat and solve puzzles together via a website. After that mostly learning for my tests that are coming next week.