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“Computer Science in the 1960s to 80s spent a lot of effort making languages which were as powerful as possible. Nowadays we have to appreciate the reasons for picking not the most powerful solution but the least powerful. The reason for this is that the less powerful the language, the more you can do with the data stored in that language. If you write it in a simple declarative from, anyone can write a program to analyze it in many ways.”

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    Yup, this is where “the web should be a VM” people are mistaken. I mentioned the rule of least power when TBL won the Turing award earlier this year:


    The web could HAVE a VM as one component (and does), but the whole thing shouldn’t be a VM, as that would violate the principle of least power. I give the example of the web being able to jump to Mobile without everybody rewriting their websites.

    And the web is searchable by Google. Google doesn’t have to solve the halting problem to crawl your site.

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