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    Component Pascal is a refinement of Oberon-2 developed by Oberon Microsystems. The Black Box Component Builder is a Rapid Application Development system based on Component Pascal and with a powerful forms-style GUI construction system. It is introspectable, mousey, and very similar in spirit to the classic Oberon system.

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      This kind of content is exactly why I like coming to lobsters. There is so much interesting stuff off the beaten path.

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      Looks neat!

      What’s the difference with the Lazurus IDE? Just the Pascal dialect? Pardon my ignorance of Pascal, native desktop apps, GUI frameworks.

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        Component Pascal is much closer to Oberon than it is to Pascal. Morevoer, BBCB isn’t just an IDE…it’s more like an “operating system in an app” kinda thing. You can inspect the system itself, recompile bits of it, and so on. It’s like Smalltalk, but with a statically compiled language or, more accurately…it’s like the Oberon System with overlapping windows.

        (If you’ve never used the Oberon system, here is its most recent incarnation.

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          I’m going through tutorials/documentation. Is there some way to produce/export a static binary of a program or is that a non-component way of dealing with software? I’m impressed and it does seem like Smalltalk (from my limited exposure to Smalltalk), but the concept of images/whole world as part of an application doesn’t appeal to me (maybe just lack of familiarity).

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        According to the info page it’s using referencing counting to free objects? Nice.

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          Oberon has always been garbage collected. I suspect that this implementation of Component Pascal uses reference counting backed by a tracing collector, but that’s just speculation.