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    I chuckled at how this goes from “I was looking into exploring ActivityPub” and very quickly devolves to “I decided I would just write my own [JSON parser]”. Huge self recognition :)

    Nice write-up. Excited to see where JustJson goes next.

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      Me too! I did the same in 2007 when I was made redundant and wanted to play with CouchDB on MacOS. I didn’t find an Objective-C JSON parser / generator that fit my needs, and decided to write one “that week”. I never managed to get back to CouchDB, but the JSON parser has since seen 5 major versions 😂

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      Exciting, I have some WASM projects where I’ve ruled out JSON deserialisation due to compilation size, using cbor instead. These smaller crates might be a good alternative though, I need to sit down and see their impact on compile size.

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        I wonder if the author tried a two-step parsing approach: A first one that parses into a struct that only contains the @context information and another one that uses a struct depending on the value of @context.