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What is really bad about this story is that the company had 17 months to fix the issue and did nothing about it.

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      Nice catch, but is calling for shooting (eh, waterboarding) people really okay?

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        Come on, it is just a figure of speech…

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          I’m not sure when torture comparisons became “just a figure of speech”. “waterboarding” certainly only entered common vocabulary through Guantanamo.

          If I were to call for you to be waterboarded here and now in this forum, I would hopefully be banned for that attack.

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              Who’s going to draw the line between jokes and attacks? The person you’re suggesting should be killed or tortured may not share your sense of humor. You really don’t want to spend time arguing with people who make “jokes” about everyone who disagrees with them. That kind of stuff leads to a toxic community very quickly.

              You can’t get something for nothing, and you can’t release your frustration at someone else’s expense. Discussion, criticism - these things are productive overall, even if sometimes someone gets hurt. Something that releases one person’s frustration only to hurt someone else is definitely not nice, and I’d hope it would be discouraged.

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              Thank you for supporting my point. You cannot even resist interacting with my post without using the figure yourself.

              I don’t take it literally - I take it as a personal attack. For coping or not, I don’t care. And just using it to spice up your post doesn’t make it a joke. It just takes away credibility and any reason to interact with you.

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                Eh, whatever. People have been using phrases like “x should be shot for y” and “x should be punched for y” for years. I see no real leap in using “waterboarded” instead. It’s called hyperbole.