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    Most common langs have everything on Google and StackOverflow, most weird langs don’t. Common questions won’t have answers for you in byte-sized, copyable chunks.

    There’s a silver lining to this. I’ve been doing a fair bit of web-dev-y stuff this year and I’ve found that, when I search for solutions to JS or CSS problems, the search results are often clogged with low-quality content-farm pages rehashing basic info in broken English. This is less of a problem with, say, Nim, or even Objective-C.

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      Browse less, search more

      This threw me off…I think the author meant to write the other way around, which is how Hillel’s phrase goes? Unless there’s some irony here I’m not getting.

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        I concur, given what the authors says afterwards.

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          oh how embarassing, I meant the other way! 😅 Thanks for pointing it out, corrected ☺️

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        Additionally: you’ll see segfaults from their compilers.

        There may be not-quite-obvious debug options.

        For example, OCaml does have exception traces, but it doesn’t enable them by default. They can be enabled from the code with Printexc.record_backtrace true or for any program compiled with debug information using OCAMLRUNPARAM=b /path/to/executable. There’s are many more things one can do with OCAMLRUNPARAM such as GC tweaks and debug/allocation stats logging. The value of reading the documentation sequentially — one may not discover such things by searching rather than reading, for better or worse.

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          Wrote Ada for hobby stuff for over a year, and never seen a segfault with GNAT, which is built into GCC.

          I did run into one wild compiler bug which wouldn’t let me do something which should have been legal in a very niche case. I reported it and the AdaCore people fixed it in within a day and gave me a workaround until the new GNAT version shipped.

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          My limitation tends to be time. I’d love to have the time to dive into every single “weird” language, but I can never even keep up with the expected deliverables from my day job.

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            Seems a good time to heartily recommend http://exercism.org

            Supports 61 language learning tracks, exercises, mentoring and is free! (Hint: pay back by mentoring what you know)